Bob, 28, Journalist, comments:

Yes, time to turf them out into the local Wetherspoons, where they can blither incomprehensibly into their cheap pints of bitter. Better still, sell the House of Lords to Wetherspoons.

Will, 24, publishing, comments:

it's unbelievable that in so-called 'classless' britain people get to have a say on political issues just because their great-great-great-grandfather was 'noble'. Or because they have money. Abolish the LOT. If you don't like what the HoC do then DONT VOTE FOR THEM NEXT TIME , not that difficult, surely!

Oam, 24, legal, comments:

The Lords are amazing, long may they reign.

It doesn't matter how they got there, what matters is that they are an unelected body. Ok, so that means they are not accountable. It also means that we have a system whereby legislation, often instigated as a knee-jerk reaction to flavour-of-the-month public outcry, is scrutinised at length by those who have no vested interest in the outcome. Yes they all have political alleigances, but they don't stand or fall at the next election on the basis of their opinions. An elected second house would remove this necessary (relative) impartiality.